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Friday, 3 February 2012

Journey to the North - food

Salam and Hi everyone,

ok, now let me share with you on what are the things that I enjoy most while back in hometown....

..................the local delicacies.......

Gulai/Kari Ikan Sembilang -  Catfish in Curry

This is a must have dish if you visit Parit Buntar. Almost all the restaurant/cafe/food stall have Gulai Ikan Sembilang in their menu. We had our Gulai Ikan Sembilang at a food stall that located next to the bridge across Sungai Kerian.

mula-mula order 2 ketul, tak cukup ok...

maka order lah lagi seketul....

Sungai Kerian

Sungai  Kerian yang tak mengalir lesu, memanglah tak lesu...kami sampai pukul 10 lebih dah pekena gulai sembilang kat tepi Sungai Kerian ni. Brunch gitu


other dish that is also very very yummmyyy :

Grilled catfish

Serabai cicah kuah durian

Kuih Kuci berinti Kelapa & Sago

This is what I like most back in hometown.......will blog about laksa tepung beras later on. Till then..ta-ta

p/s : NMH was born in Penang , raised in Kelana Jaya for almost 29 years......

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